Installs ejabberd, a XMPP (Jabber) server.



A default configuration that enabled the most common modules (including mod_muc) is provided with the role. Please note that the default configuration opens sockets on localhost only, so the XMPP server will not be very useful without customization.

Service users may modify /etc/jabber/ejabberd-local.cfg, which is read in addition to the default configuration. Most likely custom port definitions go in here.


Service users may call sudo /etc/init.d/ejabberd restart to restart the XMPP server instance. They may also call sudo /etc/init.d/ejabberctl to invoke administrative functions.

The XMPP server logs to /var/log/jabber which is world-readable.


  • The existence of an ejabberd process is checked.

  • The monitoring system tries to connect to localhost port 5222 and expects a XMPP handshake. When you configure custom ports in /etc/jabber/ejabberd-local.cfg, make sure to leave a port open on localhost:5222 to keep the check running.