Release 2015_042 (2015-09-15)#


  • Re-enable xlhtml which got marked unstable in the last OS update.

  • Introduce keepalived for high availability routers as a more mature, well-maintained, faster and more stable replacement for ucarp.

  • Always provide a telnet client.

  • Ensure PHP gets the right libpjeg, countering a broken dependency in Gentoo.


  • Re-enable disk shrinking now that we’re on compatible kernels everywhere. (#14076)

  • Set number of nginx workers to the VMs CPU count to get SSL-heavy workloads processed faster (#17171).

  • Activate event handling for consistent VM snapshots (clean filesystems) with backy.

  • Improve scalability of our Puppet infrastructure (#17158).

  • Improve our physical hardware installer to be more robust and use a consistent set of kernel/modules/firmware from the original Gentoo installer CDs.