Release 2016_017 (2016-06-03)


  • We do not expect any noticable impact.

NixOS platform

  • Generously increase file and process limit for MongoDB.

  • Fix swap file usage in Vagrant base images. (#21522)

  • Provide a simplified and more useful version of the local.nix template on new nodes.

  • Provide role to enable the datadog agent and support custom configuration.

  • Switch bootstrapping to Ceph cloning to further speed up creation of new VMs.

  • Password authentication was accidentally enabled for SSHD and is disabled again.

  • Machines automatically get a local SSMTP configuration that uses a resource group’s mail server if it exists.

  • Add mc to the default package list.

  • Install innotop on MySQL servers.

Gentoo platform

  • Update pnp4nagios to fix compatibility with PHP 5.6+. This caused performance graphs accessible through Nagios to only display error messages. (#21768)

  • Update box to fix compatibility with new automounter setup which uses a symlink and did not work due to security measures to avoid setuid privilege escalations. (#21202)

  • Security update for rsync GLSA 201605-04 (#21743).

  • Activate mysqli extension for PHP (#21574)

  • Clean unused Apache config.

  • Apply our low-level fixing mechanism optimistically during system updates to give a chance to puppet fixing things.

  • Ensure eselect-based activation of ruby profile if rubygems was installed out of order and not appearing after a bootstrap.

  • Update Ceph to 0.94.7. This is a bugfix release and has no major impact apart from slowly restarting OSDs which has no noticable impact any longer.

  • Added configuration for SSD-based Ceph pools. (This was pre-released already.)

  • Enable periodic gratuitous ARP messages on our routers to help VMs that miss a packet during router failover to quickly catch up. (#21681)