Release 2020_021 (2020-07-16)

NixOS 19.03 platform

  • Firewall: Allow specification of prerouting and postrouting rules in nixos-nat-pre and nixos-nat-post chains (#126879, #126936, #127007).

  • Provide roles for Elasticsearch and Kibana 7, currently version 7.8.0. Machines using ES5 at the moment must first reindex with ES6 before upgrading to ES7 (#126877).

  • Update Kubernetes dashboard to 2.0.3 which fixes problems with the current Kubernetes version.

  • Use kubernetes.<project-name> as primary address for Kubernetes Dashboard and API (#126858).

  • Provide coturn (STUN/TURN server) role (#126406).

  • Vagrant box: Enable logrotate and add local config dir for vagrant user (#123879, #127092)


  • Update custom firewall rule documentation for NixOS.