Release 2021_006 (2021-02-22)#


  • [NixOS 20.09] Most services will be restarted due to a glibc update.

  • [NixOS 20.09] Gitlab will be restarted and unavailable for some minutes.

  • [NixOS 20.09] VMs will schedule a reboot to activate the changed kernel.

NixOS 20.09 platform#

  • Merge upstream NixOS changes. Includes security fixes for PHP 7.3 and 7.4, openjpeg (CVE-2020-15389, CVE-2020-27841, CVE-2020-27842, CVE-2020-27843, CVE-2020-27844, and CVE-2020-27845), varnish (CVE-2020-11653), graphicsmagick (CVE-2020-12672), cifs-utils (CVE-2020-14342) and glibc (CVE-2019-25013). (#PL-129680).

  • Gitlab: update to 13.6.7 security release (#PL-129680).

  • Mailserver: fix sending mails from Roundcube web interface (#PL-129588).

  • Fix user package installation (nix-env -iA nixos.package) on VMs that were upgraded from an older platform version (#PL-129677).

  • Statshost roles now use the frontend FQDN as default host name and can now be enabled without local config. Roles shouldn’t break without custom config in general (#PL-129540).

  • Fix sending mails via nullmailer which is the default on VMs (#PL-129696).

  • Production channel URL for this release:


Detailed Changes#