Release 2022_025 (2022-10-18)


  • [NixOS 22.05] Jitsi will be restarted and conferences will be interrupted for a short period of time.

NixOS 22.05 platform

  • mailserver: role now works in devhost environments and in other situations where the machine has no FE interface (#PL-130785).

  • jitsi: update all packages to latest stable release (#PL-130883).

  • fc-manage: add --show-trace option to show detailed stack traces for Nix errors. Stack traces are disabled by default now because they tend to be very long and don’t provide helpful information for common error classes (#PL-130985).

  • Enable the experimental nix command which, for example provides nix search to search for packages. This change also enables Nix flakes, which are still experimental but required to make proper use of nix search, for example nix search nixpkgs rich-cli. Note that this doesn’t search for the versions from the Flying Circus platform but the newest available package from unstable so versions and available packages may differ. (#PL-130985).

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NixOS 21.05 platform

  • (internal) Fix booting 15.09 VMs. The kernel on these VMs is too old to mount XFS file systems with the reflink feature enabled which is the default on our NixOS KVM hosts now. /tmp is created on every boot so 15.09 VMs didn’t boot anymore. This change disables reflink until all 15.09 VMs are gone (#PL-130977).

  • (internal) Provide the Ceph Luminuous update using a feature-flag mechanism (#PL-130693).

  • (internal) Add used disk space telemetry for backup server data volumes (#PL-130682).

  • (internal) Disable swap on physical machines (#PL-130935).

    Over time we noticed that swap does not contribute any tangible benefits and has even caused stability problems. A recent KVM crash incident even indicated that swap usage(even though there was enough free memory on the host) caused the crash. As large physical host memory (512G and more) has no real reason to leverage a few GiB of swap and VMs and other infrastructure workloads will be impacted in non-obvious ways when swap is involved, we decided to retire swap as a concept completely in the future

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Detailed Changes