Release 2022_029 (2022-11-21)

NixOS 22.05 platform

  • statshost: deprecate InfluxDB for long-term metrics storage, add options to disable InfluxDB or just reading/writing from/to InfluxDB for a phase-out period. InfluxDB consumes a lot of RAM, increasing with the number of metrics and distinct label values. Prometheus got much better in storing data for a longer time period while being far better at memory consumption. Prometheus stores data for at least 10 weeks by default, which can extended. InfluxDB will be removed completely with the 22.11 platform version (#PL-131027).

  • fc-postgresql upgrade: use fast cloning mode of pg_upgrade (using XFS reflinks) if possible; fix --no-existing-db-check option (#PL-131056).

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Detailed Changes