Release 2022_001 (2022-01-17)


  • [NixOS 21.05]: Elasticsearch, httpd and postgresql will be restarted.

  • [NixOS 21.05]: VMs will schedule a reboot to activate the changed kernel.

NixOS 21.05 platform

  • PostgreSQL: add the pg_stat_statements extension to the shared libraries loaded by default so it can be activated by just running CREATE EXTENSION pg_stat_statements (#PL-130293).

  • NFS: Fix a possible NFS server outage caused by adding new NFS clients. Instead of restarting, nfs services are now reloaded (#PL-130253).

  • Matomo: update to 4.6.2 and various fixes (#PL-130234):

    • The GeoIP2 plugin works now (it’s active by default). It failed previously because it couldn’t write the database file.

    • Fix the periodic archive processing task. Setting services.matomo.hostname also changes the URL used for archive processing.

    • Don’t require a local mysql database in the systemd unit as Matomo can be configured to use databases on other machines.

  • Pull upstream NixOS changes that include security fixes and other updates (#PL-130280):

    • element-web: 1.9.2 -> 1.9.7

    • imagemagick: 7.1.0-13 -> 7.1.0-19

    • linux: 5.10.81 -> 5.10.88

  • Devhost docs: Update the specific batou_ext reference to the currently most up-to-date version and make a note about checking for further updates when migrating.

  • Production channel URL for this release:

NixOS 15.09 platform

  • Fix SSL cert verification problem that rendered the platform update mechanism unusable. This will deployed as a hotfix directly to the VMs during the release window (#PL-130290).

Detailed Changes