Release 2020_001 (2020-01-02)


  • [NixOS 19.03] ClamD instances will be restarted.

  • [NixOS 15.09] Telegraf will be restarted.

NixOS 15.09 platform

  • Fix telegraf metrics collection for graylog (#122408).

  • Grafana: pull in security updates, fix default password [hotfix] (#122385).

NixOS 19.03 platform

  • Generally increase ClamD logging to assist in debugging (#120637).

  • Improve memcached check so that locally configured listen addresses will be honoured (#122074).

  • Fix MySQL, RabbitMQ and OpenVPN roles on Vagrant (#122228).

Gentoo platform

  • Move resolver from Quad9:10 to Quad9:11. This means we’re now using blacklists, DNSSEC, and EDNS Client-Subnet, which will filter some IPs that are considered malicious and allow better geo-located results from CDN services like Github and friends.


  • Directory API: document project maintenance mode.