Release 2021_010 (2021-03-29)#

NixOS 20.09 platform#

  • fc-agent: the automatic management task that runs every ten minutes now only switches to the new system configuration if it actually has changed with the last build. We already used that behaviour on the 15.09 platform. This saves some CPU time and avoids frequent ACME certificate renewal checks which also trigger unneccessary Nginx reloads (#PL-129745).

  • Fix ACME certificate validity check for multiple virtual hosts. SNI was not used so only the certificate for the default vhost was monitored (#PL-129749).

  • LAMP: fix logrotate config (#PL-129740).

  • Coturn: fix ACME certificate renewal (#PL-129729).

  • Fix link in /etc/local/firewall/README (#PL-129735).

  • Improve our backup using multiple queues and more workers to balance fast and slow backups and reduce head of line blocking issues that cause unnecessary delays under stress (PL-128789).


  • nothing yet

Detailed Changes#