Release 2023_010 (2023-05-15)


  • [NixOS 22.11] Gitlab and Percona 8.0 will be restarted.

NixOS 22.11 platform

  • Jitsi: update all packages to latest stable release (PL-131460).

  • Percona: update to 8.0.32. Note: the MyRocks storage engine is not available with this version (PL-131425).

  • Gitlab: fix a scenario, where gitlab is stopped and never started again after one of its dependencies had been upgraded (PL-131286).

  • Gitlab: 15.11.2 -> 15.11.3 (PL-131490).

  • fc-collect-garbage: ignore nixpkgs-* folders in home directories.

  • Production channel URL for this release:

Detailed Changes