Release 2022_019 (2022-07-18)#


  • [NixOS 21.11] Elasticsearch will be restarted. Machines will schedule a reboot to activate the changed kernel.

NixOS 21.11 platform#

  • java: apply patched zlib to all commonly used openjdk variants and aliases. Since release 2022_011 only jdk8_headless and jdk11_headless used the patched zlib. It’s recommended to use the openjdk17_headless package for applications. openjdk11, openjdk8 and their headless variants can also be used. (#PL-130760).

  • Pull upstream NixOS changes that include security fixes and other updates (#PL-130744):

    • linux: 5.10.124 -> 5.10.126

  • Production channel URL for this release:


  • Document Matrix/Element chat for customer communication.

  • Add tutorial for LAMP role.

  • Update backup documentation.

Detailed Changes#