We are happy to assist you with any issues that you may have when using our services. We have multiple informal ways that you may be communicating with us like telephone, chat, or video conferences.

However, for situations where a higher due diligence is required (like leaving a paper trail of what we agreed on) we offer a formal support structure based on an issue tracking system. You are always welcome to start inquiring about any issue through our informal channels - our staff will guide you towards the more formal structure if needed.

We differentiate inquiries into this system based on whether they critically affect production services or not.

General Support#

For non-production critical issues please contact our support by sending an email to mailto:support@flyingcircus.io. This will create a ticket and our staff will follow up with you within at most a business day.

Emergency Support#

As a customer with a service level agreement you have access to additional ways of communication that will ensure that our personnel responds within the agreed short time frames (i.e. 24/7 and 1h response time) during an emergency.

An emergency is any situation where you experience large visible outages, are unable to proceed with development, or find yourselve in any other business-adverse situations caused by or related to our services.

In the case of an emergency we will concentrate our resources towards a resolution. Other work is postponed until the problem is resolved. Information about ongoing large scale emergencies and disruptive work is published on our status page.

There are three ways for us to get aware of an emergency:

  • Our system monitoring detects an outage and alerts us automatically.

  • You send an email to emergency+<PIN>@flyingcircus.io (If your PIN is 1234, send an email to emergency+1234@flyingcircus.io).

  • You call our emergency support number +49 345 95990625 and enter your client-specific PIN.

    The call is forwarded to on-duty supporter who either picks up immediately or will call you back within the allowed time frame of the SLA. If you phone number is not transmitted, our supporter will follow up with known emergency contacts from your team.

In any case there will be a support ticket created automatically.


The standby support is only notified during the hours booked according to the SLA.


When an emergency ticket is created the active supporters are immediately notified via