Release 2021_024 (2021-07-19)#

NixOS 21.05 platform#

  • LAMP: add composer to global environment (#PL-129819).

  • HAProxy: add structured Nix configuration via This feature is experimental and must be activated explicitly. Plain custom HAProxy configs in /etc/local/haproxy are still supported but may be deprecated in future platform versions. See nixos/services/haproxy/ for details (#PL-129868).

  • Nginx: update from our 1.18 fork to the 1.20 upstream version which fixes a frequent error message regarding gzip. IPv6 addresses are now anonymized to /48 instead of /64. The nginxMainline package now has our anonymization patch, too (#PL-129922).

  • Fix monitoring for daily ClamAV updates (#PL-129991).

  • Statshost: fix Grafana dashboard git pull warning (#PL-129655).

  • Production channel URL for this release:

Detailed Changes#