Release 2021_020 (2021-06-08)


  • [NixOS 20.09] Grafana will be restarted.

NixOS 21.05 platform

  • This will be the first production release of the 21.05 platform. Main development will be done on this version from now on. Default version for new production VMs is still 20.09. Staging VMs will be upgraded from 20.09 to 21.05 in the coming weeks.

  • Switch LDAP connection settings for all Grafana and Graylog instances to properly use LDAPS and use the new canonical address (#PL-24593).

  • Remove wkhtmltopdf version 0.12.4. We still support versions 0.12.5 and 0.12.6. 20.09 can be used in user environments to get the package, if needed (#PL-129900).

  • Sensu: suppress deprecation warnings in journal, update to 1.9 (#PL-129897).

  • Fix Ceph build (#PL-129881).

  • Production channel URL for this release:

NixOS 20.09 platform

Detailed Changes