For daily communication in ongoing projects we also offer the opportunity to chat with us. We decided to base our system upon the Matrix-protocol by hosting our own homeserver for every of our users. We do also provide a self-hosted and pre-configurated version of Element to allow easy access. However, alternative clients are allowed and welcomed to use.

We usually create a project-specific Matrix channel and invite all needed persons to join. You may participate using the Matrix ID provided by us, or your currently existing ID at any other homeserver of your choice. In this case: Just let us know how we can reach you.

If you want to use our Matrix setup, our pre-configured Element is available at

There’s a number of alternatives to the web version of Element available. An overview can be found at Please make sure to use a client that’s actively developed and supports end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

If you want to use your own client, please find the needed information below:






Matrix handle