Release 2020_027 (2020-08-31)


  • [NixOS 19.03] InfluxDB will be restarted.

NixOS 19.03 platform

  • InfluxDB: fix start timeout (#128272).

  • wkhtmltopdf: fix inclusion of the proper patched QT 4.8.7, add versions 0.12.5 and 0.12.6. Customers experienced weird, subtle output bugs when not using the recommended patched QT from the wkhtmltopdf project. We are also providing wkhtmltopdf with version-suffixed attributes so that customers can install a floating version (nixos.wkhtmltopdf) or use a version-pin (nixos.wkhtmltopdf_0_12_6) so they get an explicit notice when the version changes (#128175, #128292).