Release 2020_028 (2020-09-07)


  • [NixOS 19.03] All 19.03 machines will schedule a reboot.

  • [NixOS 19.03] Nginx will be restarted.

NixOS 19.03 platform

  • Update Linux-Kernel to newest LTS (5.4) branch. We have seen a number of VFS caching bugs with suspected memory leaks on a number of machines for which no direct bugfix seems available. Tests showed better behaviour on the newest LTS branch, though (#127876).

  • Nginx (#127883)

    • Update default package to latest stable version 1.18.0, add mainline version 1.19.0

    • Structured JSON config: use frontend IPs instead of all interfaces when listenAddress is not given.

    • Reload master process when Nginx package changes. This avoids restarts for updates in the future.

    • Add modsecurity module.

    • Don’t listen on port 80 by default.

  • Lower default retention period for nginx logs to 7 days (#127632).

  • Add Gitlab role with docker registry integration (#124013).