Release 2021_002 (2021-01-25)#

20.09 is our default platform version starting with this release. New VMs will be created with 20.09. We are aiming to upgrade all non-production VMs currently on 19.03 in the next weeks.


  • [NixOS 20.09]: PostgreSQL and RabbitMQ will be restarted.

  • [NixOS 20.09]: Gitlab and associated services will be restarted. Git and frontend access will be unavailable for some minutes.

  • [NixOS 20.09]: VMs will be rebooted for a kernel update.

NixOS 20.09 platform#

  • PostgreSQL: Use Postgis 2.5 for versions before 12 to make upgrades from 19.03 easier. Postgres 12 is unaffected because it already used Postgis 3.0 on 19.03 (#PL-129602).

  • Nginx: switch mod_security to newest stable branch using a new nginx module that should also be more stable (#PL-129571).

  • Update Gitlab to 13.6.5 (#PL-129597).

  • Merge upstream NixOS updates, including: Grafana 7.3.7, Linux 5.4.89.

  • Use /run/next-system/result instead of /result for the link to the prepared system update and delete it after a successful maintenance run (#PL-129591).

  • Kubernetes: add FC nameservers to resolv.conf on VMs with a Kubernetes role as fallback when CoreDNS is down (#PL-129590).

  • Nginx: set reuseport for default vhosts in structured vhost config and recommend to use it in plain config files. Avoids failures on config reload when listen statements are incompatible with the previous config. This caused situations where Nginx had to be fully restarted to activate new config which means that connections are dropped (#PL-129589).

  • Port sensuserver role, update sensu-core and uchiwa to latest versions (internal VM monitoring) (#PL-129505).

  • RabbitMQ now notifies SystemD on startup when it’s ready (#PL-129505).


  • Document how to write custom SystemD units as a NixOS module in /etc/local/nixos, deprecate /etc/local/systemd on NixOS 19.03/20.09.

Detailed Changes#