Release 2012-03-02#


  • Security update for libxml2: GLSA 201202-09. Note that there is a chance that user-compiled programs linked after libxml2 break due to linkage problems. Requires PostgreSQL restart (RT 81681).

  • Security update for stunnel: GLSA 201202-08 (RT 81681).


  • Add role for customer-specific mail server with greylisting, virus scanner and SpamAssassin (#10182).

  • Unify user ids for system services that used to be dynamically generated on a per-system basis. This may cause nginx (web server) downtime in some cases (#10182).

  • Improve NTP clock stability.

  • Fix bug in /etc/resolv.conf handling that caused delays during VM bootstrap.


  • Sharpen mail server monitoring to test spam rejection etc. (#10182).


  • Add ssh-forward tutorial.

  • Add Mail server role documentation.

  • Improve access-nagios tutorial.