Release 2017_006 (2017-03-27)#


  • MySQL and MongoDB machines on NixOS need manual support intervention to set the new roles and remove obsolete config from /etc/nixos/local.nix. No downtime is expected.

  • ElasticSearch instances running on NixOS will be restarted.

  • Graylog instances running on NixOS will be restarted.

NixOS platform#

  • Provide separate roles for MySQL 5.5, 5.6, and Percona. Display selected MySQL version in (#26125).

  • Provide separate roles for MongoDB 3.0 and 3.2 version in (#26125).

  • Changelog: Fix Elasticsearch resource limits (#26125).

  • Dynamically adapt Graylog settings to available resources (#26216).

  • Improve box automounter configuration (#21486).

  • Allow token based authentication for Graylog to make the API accessible (#26239).

Gentoo platform#

  • Add ffmpeg and libvorbis as packages installable on request (#25474).