Release 2017_021 (2017-09-26)


  • Qemu/KVM servers will require maintenance slots to update their network configuration. We will let them perform this slowly to monitor the new live migration code in production.

Gentoo platform

  • Multiple storage (Ceph), network and general system performance optimizations to reduce load during recovery and maintenance phases.

    Those were pre-released to our storages a few weeks ago already and are now included in the stable release branch.


  • Upgraded storage servers’ Linux kernel from 4.9.33 to 4.9.43 in an attempt to fix IOMMU issue. (This didn’t help unfortunately but downgrading isn’t needed. We’re disabling the IOMMU on storage servers through an updated BIOS setting now.)

  • Major fc.qemu release that massively improves live migration performance and stability (#26784).

  • Increase fc.qemu snapshot timeout to prevent unnecessary backup failures (#27832).

  • Preload NBD kernel module on physical servers for easy restore (#27681).

  • Update backy to release 2.2.

  • Fix gcc qcheck symlinks.

  • Expunge various older puppet utilities.