Release 2016_029 (2016-09-05)#


  • NixOS only: If you have customized postfix with /etc/local/postfix/ copy it over to /etc/local/postfix/ before the release. You ran remove after the release. Be sure to also change automatic deployment procedures accordingly.

NixOS platform#

  • Add “external_net” role which creates a RG-specific OpenVPN gateway (#21387)

  • Varnish listens on ethsrv as well now. Before it was only listening on (#23196)

  • Postfix: Fix setting of IPv6 addresses in mynetworks (#23236)

  • Fix resolving IP addresses from /etc/hosts entries for hosts with more than one IP address (#23464).

  • Fix postfix’ local customization filename to (#23458)

  • Fix MongoDB logrotate rule (#23454)

  • Fix maintenance handling for VMs with RAM a amount which is not a power of 2 (#23358)