Release 2017_007 (2017-04-24)


  • [NixOS] VMs will be rebooted due to a kernel update.

  • [NixOS] MongoDB instances will be restarted.

  • [NixOS] Network will be restarted without actively restarting services.

NixOS platform

  • Update Qemu guest agent and Linux kernel to avoid VM hangs (#26515).

  • Introduce /etc/local/postfix/ to add local content to Postfix (#26492).

  • Add sysstat service on all VMs (#26608).

  • Manage Load thresholds based on machine’s CPU count (#26550).

  • Monitoring: various improvements to journal checks (#26440, #26458).

  • Monitoring: Ignore invalid client-side cipher selection in SSH journal check (#26493).

  • Update MongoDB 3.2 to newest release in series (3.2.12) to benefit from fixes for segfaults and other bugs.

  • Exclude autofs from datadog’s filesystem checks.

  • Add collectd metrics for ElasticSearch.

  • Fix network bug which caused PostgreSQL/Redis failures during VM startup (#22431)

Gentoo platform

  • Update fc.qemu to get rid of VM hangs (#26521).

  • Improve rotation of MySQL logs (#25164, #26230).

  • Enable VP8 support for ffmpeg (#26260).

  • Increase router conntrack memory to avoid packet losses (#26425).

  • Move backy to XFS volumes instead of btrfs (#26014).

  • Provide wkhtmltopdf in psdpdf role.