Release 2017_000 (2017-01-16)


  • Gentoo: MySQL servers and other applications linking against MySQL libraries will get restarted.

  • NixOS: several services linking against PCRE (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Postfix) will get restarted.

NixOS platform

  • Re-enable vulnix vulnerability scanning after reducing vulnix’ RAM usage to a bearable level (#24659).

  • Provide NFS box access for NixOS VMs under /mnt/auto/box. Symlinks from users’ home directories and the box command are still missing (#21486).

  • Reduce noise in SSH connection attempt monitoring (#25476).

  • Security update for PCRE (CVE-2016-3191; #24063).

  • Security update for expat (CVE-2013-0340; #23872).

Gentoo platform

  • Improve resource usage and stability under host performance pressure for fc.agent (#25158).

  • Security update for MySQL/MariaDB (GLSA 201701-01; #25379).

  • Security update for coreutils (GLSA 201612-22; #25194).

  • Security update for util-linux (GLSA 201612-14; #25185).

  • Security update for cracklib (GLSA 201612-25; #25191).