Release 2016_020 (2016-06-30)


Gentoo nginx instances will get restarted.

NixOS platform

  • Monitoring: adjust concurrent connection threshold for MongoDB servers (#22091).

  • Allow service users to invoke sudo systemctl (#22013).

  • Fix crontab FILE{file}` bug and cron job execution environment (#21757, #21964).

  • Improve VM memory detection to make RAM changes more reliable (#21724).

  • Sensu client check can now access the services group (e.g., for group-writable supervisord sockets).

  • MySQL role: Allow to choose between percona 5.7, 5.6, and mysql 5.5.

  • Add logrotate to Vagrant image.

Gentoo platform

Security upgrade for nginx to fix CVE-2016-4450 (#22084).