Release 2017_020 (2017-09-21)


  • nginx, varnish, and haproxy will be restarted.

NixOS platform

  • Reload haproxy when the configuration changes, instead of restarting it (#28325).

  • Automatically load changed varnish configuration instead of restarting varnish with the new configuration (#28325).

  • Fix OpenVPN check (#28240).

  • Gather detailed metrics from HAProxy (#27132).

  • Provide standard dashboards in Grafana (#27132).

  • Improve some collected metrics to use tags instead of separate series (#27132).

  • Update Prometheus to 1.7.1 (#27132).

  • To avoid confusion, move active configurations of nginx, varnish, and haproxy to /etc/current-config (#28325).

  • Enable SNMP for Telegraf. This includes an update to a recent Telegraf bugfix release 1.3.5.

  • Enable automatic NixOS garbage collection on selected test/dev/staging machines (#27553).