Release 2016_010 (2016-03-17)


  • To update Qeumu, all virtual machines will be restarted. Individual maintenance windows will be scheduled and announced.


  • Update FUSE to 2.9.4 for GLSA 201603-04 (#20538).

  • Update ModSecurity for nginx to 2.9.1 (#19990).

  • Update Qemu to 2.5.0 for GLSA 201602-01 (#20019).

  • Update nagiosplugin to 1.2.4 (#19079).


  • Reduce OSD journal size and make more frequent flushes. This should further reduce IO spikes on the magnetic disks.


  • For all machines, mark maintenance start and end in the configuration database. This helps to automatically silence monitoring during that time which in turn gives a better view over real problems. (#20238)