Release 2017_013 (2017-06-21)#


  • FE network interfaces will be restarted on some NixOS VMs.

  • Graylog instances will be restarted.

  • ElasticSearch nodes on loghost VMs will be restarted.

NixOS platform#

  • Fix buggy default route creation when multiple networks exist in the same VLAN and some subnets do not have an IP address locally configured (#27158).

  • Provide box client also on NixOS (#21486).

  • Tweak Graylog and ElasticSearch Java heap settings.

Gentoo platform#

  • Re-add $HOME/.local/bin and $HOME/bin to PATH. These two entries got lost by accident during a code refactoring (#27300).

  • Improve mailman reliability (#27497).

  • Improve log checks for Dovecot (#26915).