Release 2017_031 (2017-12-14)

NixOS platform

  • Update to Grafana 4.6.2 (statshost role). This version of Grafana includes annotations, which nicely allow to note events in the dashboards (#29125).

  • Allow non-local binds: this allows binding to IP addresses that may not have been configured (yet) and thus stabilizes the startup behaviour for services like nginx and varnish even in the face of ordering issues. However, this also means that configuring wrong listen addresses may remain unnoticed (#28908).

  • Loghosts can be scaled for higher load of messages and better availability, by having multiple Graylog instances, and/or multiple ElasticSearch instances, including MongoDB replication.

  • Browser access to graylog is no longer proxied through our self-service portal. A public IP address will be needed to access Graylog. Users will user their Flying Circus login to directly authenticate against Graylog.

  • Security patches for audiofile 0.3.6 (#26909).

  • Increase channel update interval to once every 2h for reduced storage load during roll-outs (#29353).

  • Make nix-env -i work even when a VM runs on a developer checkout (#29193).