Varnish (Webproxy)#

This role provides Varnish.

How we differ from what you are used to#

Here is how we differ from what you already know from common Linux distributions and how you are used to configure, start, stop and maintain these packages.

  • configuration file locations:

    Since we use NixOS, configuration files have to be edited in /etc/local/varnish, followed by a NixOS rebuild which copies them into the Nix store and activates the new configuration. To do so, run the command sudo fc-manage --build.

  • service control:

    We use systemd to control processes. You can use familiar commands like sudo systemctl restart varnish to control services. However, remember that invoking sudo fc-manage --build is necessary to put configuration changes into effect. A simple restart is not sufficient. For further information, also see Local configuration.

Role configuration#

Your custom configuration goes to /etc/local/varnish/default.vcl. Please note that all configuration has to be performed as a service user.


  • We monitor that the varnishd process is running.

  • Please add a custom http checks which suite your needs to to /etc/local/sensu-client, for instance:

      "varnish": {
        "command": "check_http -H localhost -p 8080",
        "notification" : "varnish broken",
        "interval": 120,
        "standalone": true