Application servers#

This role provides various utilities and libraries that are need for common application deployments.


  • mit_krb5 (MIT Kerberos V)

  • libxml2 (Version 2 of the library to manipulate XML files)

  • libxslt (A Perl module to parse XSL Transformational sheets using gnome’s libXSLT)

  • imaging (Python Imaging Library (PIL))

  • graphviz (Open Source Graph Visualization Software)

  • ftp (Standard Linux FTP client)

  • nodejs (Evented IO for V8 Javascript)

  • curl (A Client that groks URLs)

  • links (A fast and lightweight web browser running in both graphics and text mode)

  • libjpeg-turbo (MMX, SSE, and SSE2 SIMD accelerated JPEG library)

  • freetype (A high-quality and portable font engine)

  • libmemcached (a C client library to the memcached server)


There are currently no user-configurable parts.


No services running - just invoke the utilities from scripts or application code.


No monitoring by default.