Release 2019_028 (2019-12-16)#


  • [Gentoo] Kernel compilation placed a bit of load on the infrastructure. Expect somewhat slower response time during roll-out. Reboots will be scheduled during regular maintenance windows.

  • [NixOS 15.09] Restarts graylog.

NixOS 15.09 platform#

Gentoo platform#

  • Update Gentoo kernel to most recent LTS branch (4.19) (#120249).

  • Automate certificate renewal for expired puppet client certificates.

  • Remove outdated sys-kernel/gentoo-sources ebuild that fails parsing (#119983).

  • Remove very special restricted mode from our Gentoo platform as it is unused, unsupported, and has started to break (#120018).

  • Fix qemu dependency on pixman (#120445).