Release 2017_019 (2017-09-05)


  • [NixOS] Many services will be restarted due to packaging changes, e.g. PostgreSQL, nginx, …

NixOS platform

  • Don’t cancel MongoDB startup too eagerly, since it can take a long time for journal initialization (#28239).

  • Fix LibreOffice build (#28259).

  • PostgreSQL: monitor every single listening port to ensure we notice inconsistent states after restarts (#28247).

  • Ensure correct networking dependencies for PostgreSQL during restarts (#28242).

  • Fix general metrics collection via Telegraf on VMs with Elasticsearch.

  • Automatically restart Grafana when it crashes (#28290).

  • Update telegraf to 1.3.1. This new version should fix a bug where the output port was closed without reason. Disable the Elasticsearch plugin since it gives garbage output (#28044, #28267).

  • Update yarn to 0.27.5 (#27873).

  • Do not reload nginx workers during logrotate.

  • Reload nginx when the configuration changes instead of restart (#28325).

  • Improved Nix store references scanning. The scanner is now enabled by default on all non-production systems (#27553).


  • Setting of environment_class and environment in customer api.