Runs a Tomcat server as a container for custom Java applications. The server listens on localhost:8091 for HTTP requests to access the deployed applications.


  • Sun JDK

  • Tomcat server

  • JDBC postgresql


The main configuration is managed automatically with the following flexible parts editable by service users:

  • /etc/tomcat-6/tomcat-users.xml to define users, passwords and roles for accessing the tomcat management interfaces.

  • /etc/tomcat-6/Catalina/localhost to place context definitions for deploying applications.

The server is configured to not automatically reload applications when their on-disk deployment files change.

Applications may be dynamically deployed using the manager application.


After configuration changes, invoke sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat-6 restart as service user to acticate the new configuration.

If dynamic class-loading is used heavily the JVM’s permanent generation space may fill up causing Tomcat to become completely unresponsive. In this case a restart using the init script is required.


We monitor by default:

  • whether the local HTTP port is reachable and responsive

  • whether a reasonable number of Tomcat processes are running