Release 2016_014 (2016-05-03)


  • NixOS VMs will be rebooted to enable filesystem quotas (#14222).


  • Security update for libksba GLSA 201604-04 (#21390).

  • Upgrade fc.qemu to 0.7.20.


  • Quota-based disk shrink for NixOS VMs (#14222).

  • Scheduled maintenance for NixOS VMs (#20505).

  • Ensure customer-reserved local ports (#21298).


  • Improve KVM health check (#21349).

  • Add monitoring for NixOS MySQL servers (#21337).


  • We ensure that ports 61000-61999 will always be available for your applications. If you want to be absolutely sure that you can assign a static port to your application, use this range. We will keep typical ports (like 8080) free from managed components as long as it makes sense, but typically we use a component’s default port.