Release 2013-03-14


  • Add various XML extensions to the default PHP install.


  • Add safeguard against rare KVM host crashes due to failed processor MSR read/writes (#12195).

  • Improve internal NTP server hierarchy to provide more stable system clocks on VMs (#10580, #11540).

  • Disallow memory overcommit for increased safety. This may affect Redis instances with very large allocations.

  • Fix bug where Apache’s PHP configuration tends to disappear spontaneously after package upgrades.

  • Drop discontinued NJABL blacklist for spam filtering.

  • Adjust RAID controller settings to reduce the chance of data losses after machine crashes.


  • Improve alerting error handling so that failures in sending out critical alerts are escalated right away (#12190).

  • Add some flexibility for disk checks so that the 15% limit does not apply blindly on very large volumes (#12036).