Release 2016_011 (2016-04-04)#


  • We will perform individually scheduled offline maintenance for VMs to place them into the newly created Ceph RBD pools.

  • All Java applications need a restart to run with the updated JDK.

  • Many services (e.g PostgreSQL) will be restarted, due to the updated glib.


  • fc-qemu: update to 0.7.18

  • fc-agent: update to 1.9.1

  • IcedTea (JDK): update to for GLSA 201603-14. Remove IcedTea 6 as it is not supported upstream anymore (#20566).

  • gcc: update to 4.9.3 as a dependency for JDK (#20566).

  • glib: update to 2.44.1 as a dependency for JDK (#20566).

  • mercurial: update to 3.6.3 (#20556)

  • mod_security: update to post-2.9.1 pre-release branch to include a bugfix for correctly handling file uploads. (#19990)


  • Move all VMs into centralized Ceph pools to optimize the number of placement groups. This will improve overall Ceph performance, specifically latency and reduce impact during cluster recovery operations. (#20692)

  • Limit PostgreSQL maximum shared memory to 1.400 MB for Gentoo. The Linux Kernel 4.1.16 will not allow more. (#20732)


  • Improve emergency alerting for out-of-disk conditions on KVM hosts. (#20387)

  • Improve disk check (#14222).