Release 2016_016 (2016-05-23)#


  • The Apache 2.4 upgrade has compatibility modules to version 2.2 activated, but we recommend you to review your configuration files in /etc/apache2/local after the update and review deprecation warnings in /var/log/apache2/error.log.

NixOS platform#

  • Improve monitoring of managed MySQL/Percona instances. (#21337)

  • Relax monitoring limits for system load.

  • Set an explicit shell timeout to discontinue shells that are stuck in broken SSH connections.

  • Fix monitoring bug where NixOS VMs running in a project specific environment were incorrectly reported as broken. (#21511)

  • Fix systemd user unit management so that users can place own unit files in /etc/local/systemd. (#20984)

  • Introduce a timeout for the fc-manage job. (#21538)

  • Add Sensu monitoring for managed MongoDB instances. (#21336)

Gentoo platform#

  • Upgrade Apache to 2.4 to get up-to-date encryption support. (#20447)

  • Allow service users to run doveadm via sudo. (#21485)

  • Fix router runlevel switch on failure.

  • Fix detection of ENC environment class.

  • Add conffile rule for /etc/filesystems.