Release 2014_043 (2014-09-24)#


  • Switch to Qemu 2.2.

  • Switch to newer version of fc.agent (goceptnet) and introduce fc.qemu as our replacement for KVM init scripts.


  • Technical contacts of resource groups are now also included with Nagios notifications. (#13404)

  • Service user are allowed to add iptables rules. (#13407)

  • Make run-update-puppet more resilient to bootstrapping problems: Missing ‘directory.secrets’ should no longer prevent automation to fix this issue.

  • Fix an issue regarding PostgreSQL restarts after updates were applied. (#13640)

  • Mount shm when building stage4 images. (#13621)

  • Add components to perform an automated disk shrink. (#13414)


  • Suppress ceph_health notifications for all but the first mon.


  • Explain how to add custom firewall rules.