Kibana is a data analysis tool based on Elasticsearch. There’s a role for each supported major version, currently:

  • kibana6: 6.8.3

  • kibana7: 7.10.2

We provide Elasticsearch as a separate component. You need at least one VM with an Elasticsearch role matching the version of the Kibana role. Both can be activated on the same VM which is the easiest way to run Kibana.

We use the free versions of Kibana, which are published under the Apache 2.0 license. Elastic doesn’t provide updates to the 7.x line anymore so 7.10.2 will be the last available version. We are planning to move to OpenSearch Dashboards instead which is a fork of Kibana 7.10.2.


Then Elasticsearch node Kibana connects to can be set by putting the URL in a file /etc/local/kibana/elasticSearchUrl.

If no URL has been set and Elasticsearch is running on the same machine, the local node is used automatically.

To activate changes to the URL run sudo fc-manage --build (see Local Configuration for details).


The reporting feature does not work on our platform. We may add support for this in the future.