This role installs the Redis in-memory data structure store in the latest version provided by NixOS.


  • Redis


Out of the box, Redis is set up with a couple of common default parameters and listens on localhost and the IP-addresses of the ethsrv-interface of your VM (See Networking for details on this topic).

listens on the ethsrv interface on port 6379.

If you need to change the behaviour of Redis, you can put your additional configuration into /etc/local/redis/custom.conf.

Available configuration options can be found in the official documentation.

For further information on how to activate changes on our NixOS-environment, please consult Local Configuration.

The authentication password is automatically generated upon installation and can be read and changed by service users. It can be found in /etc/local/redis/password.


Service users may invoke sudo fc-manage --build to apply service configuration changes and trigger service restarts (if necessary).


The default monitoring setup checks that the Redis server is running and is responding to PING.