Managed instance of Elasticsearch. There’s a role for each supported major version, currently:

  • elasticsearch5: 5.6.16
  • elasticsearch6: 6.7.2

We also provide Kibana as a separate component.


Upon activating the role, Elasticsearch forms a cluster with the same name as the VM. To change the cluster name, add a file /etc/local/elasticsearch/clusterName, with the cluster name as its sole contents. To activate run sudo fc-manage --build (see Local configuration for details).

Elasticsearch instances are configured with a reasonable memory configuration, depending on the VMs configured memory.

To add additional configuration options, add a file /etc/local/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml. Its contents will be appended to the base configuration.


The following checks are provided by the elasticsearch role:

  • Circuit Breakers active
  • Cluster Health
  • File descriptors in use
  • Heap too full
  • Node status
  • Shard allocation status